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The Importance of Women’s Only Rehab Centres

The emotional, cognitive and biological make-up of men and women are inherently different. There are usually different underlying reasons why men and women indulge in alcohol and substance abuse to begin with. Experts therefore recommend gender specific rehab programs that address the varying needs of both men and women, while offering more specialised care. Inpatient treatment facilities without gender specific rehab programs often experience lower retention rates, more so among women. Here are some advantages of women’s only treatment centres.

Women’s Only Rehab programs are focused on addressing the unique needs of ladies. These centres emphasise on the structural difference and individual needs of women which ultimately leads to more adherence to treatment and higher retention rates. The different emotional nature of women compared to men makes them develop different triggers to those of men. Women’s only rehab centres provide programs tailored to addressing such needs, therefore making them more suitable in offering effective treatment.

Providing coping skills is an essential part of recovering from addiction, especially among women. Most women consider acquiring coping skills as the most difficult part of their road to recovery. There is usually too much stigma and shame projected by society on alcoholic women and women that battle substance abuse as well. Through women’s addiction programs, women are empowered with much-needed coping skills to accept the estate of addiction and overcome all the shame associated with it, adhere to the entire process and become more functional in society.

Women’s only rehab programs are more effective at treating the underlying issues. Women are often the victims of terrible traumatic events in society which is perhaps the reason why some of them turn to addiction as a way of dealing with such traumatic events. At women’s only rehab facilities, they understand this issue and seek to find the underlying causes of women’s addiction, and try treating them using methods such as CBT that address deeper emotional issues that caused addiction in the first place.

At women only rehab programs, great emphasis is placed on each individual and the problems that led them to addiction. Addressing the underlying challenges that led to addiction helps create a support system which makes the treatment and recovery process easy for everyone. A sense of community is created among the women present which makes them more open to each other. Another great benefit of this support system is that it does not cease after rehab, since it gets extended post rehab to provide women a lifeline in case they ever run into trouble.

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